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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this recall happening?

This recall is happening as a result of finding some field failures that could result in abrupt loss of brake power, and an inability to stop the bike. 

What steps are you taking to remedy the problems?

We have put a task force of engineers, designers, and manufacturing experts on the issue full time and around the clock to perfect the system and get you an improved brake system as quickly as possible. 

Is this recall only temperature related?

Sub zero temperatures seems to have amplified a weak sealing issue and accelerated failure.  We believe there is a possibility that the sealing issue overtime can also manifest itself in normal temperatures.

I have a bike with SRAM hydraulic components, what do I do?

We are working closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US, and other regulatory agencies in Europe to develop a replacement plan as quickly and prudently as possible. We will announce our plan shortly. Our plan will be detailed on this site as well, so do check back into this website periodically.

Can I get competitors products?

We can only warranty and service SRAM parts. We are fully committed to the hydraulic platform and will be up and running very soon with robust parts. We appreciate your patience.

Why should I trust SRAM?

At SRAM we believe in the power of bicycles. Our mission is to create components and experiences that inspire consumers and expand the potential of cycling. We know that you too share this passion, and that cycling for you is more than just a hobby – but a lifestyle. It’s with great difficulty that we find ourselves having slightly veered off this path. We will earn back your trust and enthusiasm through great products and service.